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Knots to Know

The best knots for mono-filament lines are the Palomar Knot and the Trilene Knot.

The Dropper Loop is an excellent knot for anglers to use when fishing the drop-shot method for suspended bass or even when working deep, heavy cover with a plastic worm or shad imitations.

For braided lines, the King Sling knot is one of the strongest. For more details on knots for braided lines, visit Knot Wars. Knots that should be a part of your baseline knowledge include the following: See these Terminal Tackle Knots for details.

Other knots — Here is a list of some other very useful knots to know for fishing uses:  Orvis Knot, Nail Knot, Rapala Knot, Surgeon’s Knot, Duncan Loop, Snell Knot.

Knot animations provided by Animated Knots by Grog at

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