HBAA members pictured following their September 24, 2011 club tournament at Lake Wilson. Front row (L-R): Steven Hausler, Keith Harmoney, Nate Brown, Klint VonFeldt, Fred Highfill. Back row (L-R): Vern Bailey, Mark Hladek, Darrel VonFeldt, Dave Heffel, Bob Stewart.

The Club Tournament Director schedules 4-8 all day tournaments per year for members only. The director for 2016 events is Klint VonFeldt. These tournaments have structured pairings prepared by the director. All day tournaments have gone to a paper weighing procedure in which fish are measured for length and released. A weight is derived according to a paper chart with an average weight for fish of that length. This procedure was implemented to reduce stress on the fish and to return them to the water with as much vigor as possible. The estimated weight according to the paper chart of a members five largest fish are tallied for their tournament score. The member with the greatest score is considered the tournament winner. Accumulated score for all of the all day tournaments decides the club’s Mr. Bass for that season, and allows that member to represent the club in the Kansas Mr. Bass Qualifier.

HBAA Club Standing and Points for 2021

(Club standings are determined by points. Each angler is allowed to throw out scores from 2 tournaments each year. Scores from 4 of the 6 scheduled club tournaments each year are tallied for the final points total in the competition for the club’s top angler who will claim the title of Mr. Bass)

For local and area tournament dates see our Calendar page

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