2013 Big Bass Challenge

Nick Davenport, Salina, holds the big bass of the tournament, a 3.70 lb largemouth bass, on Sept. 14, 2013 during the 13th Annual Big Bass Challenge at Lake Wilson. (Photo by Keith Harmoney)

Eighty-six anglers fish Big Bass Challenge

Lake Wilson, Kan., (Sept. 14, 2013) — As the morning sky turned a brilliant shade of orange, 44 boats and 86 anglers began their pursuit to catch big bass during the 13th2013BBC2 Annual Big Bass Challenge on Lake Wilson. The event is one of the more popular bass fishing tournaments in Kansas and is sponsored by the Hays Bass Anglers Association. Bob Hoffman, this year’s tournament director, called out the numbers as the boats left the cove to begin the tournament. The event featured hourly weigh-ins with three paid places each hour of the tournament. The big bass of the tournament was weighed in by the team of Steve and Nick Davenport of Salina. Their largemouth bass, weighing 3.70 pounds, was the biggest bass of the tournament. The tournament offered an 80% payout. Payout ViewSlideshowproportions were slightly different than in previous years, as HBAA honored a promise that all hourly winners will receive a payout equal to, or greater than their tournament entry fees. Door prizes were offered by tournament sponsors. The Challenge, one of the more popular tournaments in the Midwest, was again part of Skeeter Boats’ Real Money Program.  Lake Wilson again delivered good quality bass fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. While the tournament was won with a largemouth, a majority of the fish weighed in during the tournament were smallmouth bass. Lake Wilson is still considered by anglers to be one of the best Kansas bass fishing destinations.


Hourly winners

Big Bass — Steve and Nick Davenport (3.70 lb largemouth bass)
8:00 a.m. hour
1st Fish & Srajer 2.75 lbs, 2nd Baird & Baird 2.57 lbs, 3rd Basgall & Heffel 2.42 lbs
9:00 a.m. hour
1st Devine & Roach 3.56 lbs, 2nd Skala & Skala 2.13 lbs, 3rd Baird & Baird 2.07 lbs
10:00 a.m. hour
1st Davenport & Davenport 3.70 lbs, 2nd Watson & Kneuppel 2.43 lbs-, 3rd Skala & Skala 2.34 lbs
11:00 a.m. hour
1st Newell & Newell 2.22 lbs, 2nd Klenda & Barney 2.18 lbs, 3rd Smith & Landerville 2.08 lbs
12:00 p.m. hour
1st Watson & Kneuppel 2.34 lbs, 2nd Pfannenstiel & Lyne 2.11 lbs, 3rd Murphy & Rineman 2.07 lbs
1:00 p.m. hour
1st Helm & Halper 2.44 lbs, 2nd Riffey & Wenrich 2.32 lbs, 3rd Watson & Kneuppel 2.18 lbs
2:00 p.m. hour
1st Mettlen & Dineen 2.26 lbs,  2nd Helm & Halper 2.21 lbs, 3rd Riffey & Wenrich 2.12 lbs
3:00 p.m. hour
1st Glick & Witt 2.50 lbs, 2nd Herrman & Taylor 2.50 lbs, 3rd Byquist & Scherbring 2.31 lbs

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