Date set for HBAA’s 2015 Big Bass Challenge

LAKE WILSON, Kan. (March 3, 2015) – The Hays Bass Anglers Association set theDownloadForm2015 date for the 2015 Big Bass Challenge for Sept. 19, 2015, at Lake Wilson. Event registration has been confirmed with KDWP&T.  Mark your calendars now. Entry forms for the event are available now for download using the link at right. HBAA’s event committee will accept entries for the annual event beginning April 1, 2015. Starting positions will again be determined by the order entry forms are received. This will be the 15th year HBAA has conducted the Big Bass Challenge. We hope everyone will make plans to attend this unique event again this fall. We appreciate your support over the last 15 years. Make plans to celebrate with us. You may take home a nice check too.


HBAAhabitatWilson 1

Hays Bass Anglers Association’s Mike Stacey, with the help of his son, Cameron, tosses a Georgia cube into the water on March 7, 2015, at Lake Wilson. Wilson is one of the first lakes in Kansas to deploy the new fish habitat structures. Bass fishing clubs from the Kansas Bass Nation were asked to help participate in building and sinking the habitat cubes in Kansas lakes that were willing to accept the habitat program. (Photo by Steven Hausler, HBAA president) 

Bass clubs improve habitat in Lake Wilson

Lake Wilson (March 7, 2015) — Members of the Hays Bass Anglers Association teamed up with the Salina Bassmasters on Saturday, March 7, 2015, to work on a habitat project at Lake Wilson, one of the first lakes in Kansas to receive a new type of habitat structure called the Georgia cube. The Georgia cube is constructed of a combination of PVC pipe and corrugated pipe measuring four feet long, four feet wide and standing three feet tall. The bottom of the cubes are filled with rock, sand or concrete allowing them to sink slowly into place in an upright position. These fish habitat structures were originallyLewsPoint designed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The project, earmarked for Kansas lakes, relies on the cooperation of bass fishing clubs from the Kansas Bass Nation, to help build and sink the structures. The first deployment of these structures was coordinated by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism’s Scott Waters, a regional fisheries biologist for Lake Wilson. About 20 volunteers from the Hays and Salina bass fishing clubs assembled and sank 30 cubes in a coordinated effort on Lake Wilson. The structures were set together in groups of three to five pods around the lake and marked with GPS coordinates. “Our clubs are excited to work with fisheries biologists for this project that really targets habitat for black bass in Kansas lakes,” said Nate Brown, habitat committee co-chairman for the Hays bass club. “The overall target depth and placement of the habitat cubes was the most exciting aspect of the project for us directly benefitting largemouth and smallmouth bass,” Brown added. KDWP&T adopted the new habitat structures this year purchasing materials for 150 cubes, with plans to continue the program each year. Bass clubs across Kansas had the opportunity to reserve cube materials if the clubs would agree to assemble and deploy the cubes in local bodies of water that accept them into their fisheries habitat plans. In addition to the habitat cubes, one of the more expansive shallow water habitat projects coordinated by the Hays bass club continued throughout the weekend at Lake Wilson. The Hays club planned and coordinated shallow water habitat improvements using cedar trees in Duval Cove, Elm Creek, and Lew’s Point, seen in the inset picture above.


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